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Raising beef is a newer addition to our farm. We bought our first beef calves in the Spring of 2018 and started selling beef in our farm store & bakery in June of 2019. We offer individual cuts in our freezer along with the option to buy quarters, sides, and whole beef cows. We raise our beef on pasture and supplement this with shelled corn, soybean meal, and mined minerals. They are raised free of chemicals, hormones, and preservatives. We know this because we personally feed them each and every day. This combination of grass and grain fed diet produces a great tasting product. We take pride in raising our animals in a sustainable and humane way, as they are a part of our livelihood. We appreciate you giving our beef a try and believe you will not be dissapointed.


Individual Cuts available in our Farm Store & Bakery:                                          

Chuck Roast Rib Steak Cube Steak
Chuck Steak T-Bone Steak Stew Meat
Pot Roast Delmonico Steak  Rump Roast
Brisket Sirloin Steak Flank Steak
Skirt Round Steak Soup Bones
Prime Rib Roast       Round Roast Ground Beef Bulk         


Front and Hind Quarters of Beef Available

A quarter of beef is sold by the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the quarter before it is trimmed and cut.  On a 175 lb. quarter you will take home approximately 125lbs. of actual meat.  The cost per quarter is $3.50 per pound, per side is $3.25, and for a whole cow is $3.00.  The approximate hanging weight of a front quarter is 175lbs.  Therefore, the approximate cost of a front quarter of beef is $612.50 plus proccessing.  The price of proccessing is not included in this cost as we use a third party to process the beef.  Processing can range in price based on the customer's preference for custom cuts or USDA cuts listed below.  Additional fees can include vacuum packaging, slaughter, split, and chill.  A quarter of beef is cut to your specifications, however, if it is standard cut it includes the following:

Front Quarter:     $3.50 per pound                                                                                   

Chuck Steaks Soup Bones
Chuck Roasts Rib Steaks 
Arm Roasts Rib Roasts
Stew Meat Ground Beef
Short Ribs  


Hind Quarter:    $3.50 per pound

Sirloin Steaks Sirloin Tip Roasts
T-Bone Steaks Cube Steaks
Porterhouse Steaks Soup Bones
Round Roasts Stew Meat 
Rump Roasts Ground Beef


Side (Front Quarter + Hind Quarter):    $3.25 per pound

Whole:    $3.00 per pound

We encourage customers to split a half or whole cow with family, friends, or neighbors.  This is a great way for multiple families to fill their freezers with local, quality, beef and support a small family farm in the process.


Reserve Your Beef

Beef becomes available througout the year and must be reserved in advance before the slaughter date.  If interested in reserving beef please place order here and we will email you to confirm and follow up.  RESERVE HERE.