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Join our 20 week Summer CSA program and pick up fresh vegetables weekly from the first week of July until the second week of November. Our vegatbles are grown right on our farm in Clarence Center, NY! We offer two different size shares to fit the needs of your family with additional options to customize your CSA experience. Our Half Vegetable Share option is intended for families with 1-3 people; while our Full Vegetable Share is intended for larger families.  Both of these options run for 20 weeks and you can Add Fruit to either share.


                           Some of the vegetables we grow you include:

Carrots Zucchini Brocoli Tomatoes Celery Cabbage
Cucumbers Brussel Sprouts Salad greens Cauliflower Beets Radishes
Green Beans Swiss Chard Kholrabi Sweet peppers Kale Parsley
Sweet Potatoes Winter Squash Lettuce Sweet Corn Onions Potatoes  




*NEW FOR 2020* 

We have decided to add a few share options to give our members a longer season of FRESH PRODUCE.  Through add ons you will now be able to increase your share length 5 weeks earlier starting Memorial Day Week as well as 5 weeks longer ending mid-December. 

Continued for 2020! We are going to offer more flexibility than in past years. 

We will offer a substitution list to allow everyone's weekly pickup to fit there families needs. We are hoping that this will help eliminate waste by people not taking produce they know they will never use. We still encourage people to try new items, however we want people to go home and use their produce so they return year after year and feel the CSA worked for them. 



20 Week Full Vegetable Share $725 (Runs End of June - Mid-November)

20 Week Half Vegetable Share $475 (Runs End of June - Mid-November)

*Add 20 Week Fruit Share $275 (Runs Memorial Day Week - End of June)

The separate Fruit Share Only option has been removed.  For details please click here.

**NEW** *Add 5 Week Spring Share (Runs Memorial Day Week - End of June)

**NEW** *Add 5 Week Fall Share (Runs Mid-November - Mid December)


Thanksgiving Share (One Time Pickup Tuesday OR Wednesday of Thanksgiving Week)



 Other perks and benefits of being a CSA Member at Greg's U-Pick Farm


           - Up to 30 WEEKS of fresh vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers

          - Free choice of the vegetables as they become available weekly

          - A reusable tote bag will be used for weekly pickups.

          - Access to the u pick vegetable, cut flower, and herb patch.

- Weekly Newsletter to keep you up to date on all that is happening on the farm!

          - Discounts on additional produce purchased

- 10% off for Half Share Members AND 20% off for Full Share Members

          - The Pumpkin Pack!  All family members receive their choice of one large pumpkin from our 

             'U' Pick Pumpkin patch (up to 3 pumpkins Half Share) AND (up to 6 pumpkins Full Share)

- CSA Welcome Back and Start of the Season Open House (May)

- CSA Bonfires with wagon rides to the "Back 40" (Once in August & Once in September)

- CSA Ice Cream pickup nights (2-3 times per season)

- CSA Grilled Corn pickup nights (2 times per season)

- CSA Donut pickup nights (2 times per season)

- CSA Cider nights (October)

          - Fun place to come with family and friends

          - Visit our animal barn with cows, donkeys, ponies, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits and more!

- First look and invite to fun events we host on the farm 



Pay Online and Purchase a 2020 CSA Share now


Pay with a check and  download a 2020 CSA Share Registration form here





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