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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

A CSA is a farm membership that allows families to have direct access to high quality, fresh, healthy produce that is locally grown. When you join our CSA you will own a share of the farm and receive either fruits or vegetables (or both!) weekly from early July through mid November. We will do our best to give our members a bountiful harvest of the freshest and healthiest vegetables that you and your families will feel good about eating.  By signing up and buying into our CSA between October and December you allow us to forecast the needs we have to meet for next year's season.  You also provide the resources to allow us to appropriately plan and fullfill our promise to provide our members with a quality, high yielding product.  We do allow members to join right up until season start however we encourage you to join as early as possible so we can plan accordingly as a majority of the crops are planted well in advance and we want to be able to provide you with a high volume bounty.

We offer a standard 20 week vegetables share which is where we began in 2015. In order to meet what the customer was looking for we began to add additional options . In 2017 we added a Fruit Share option which allows members to enjoy our small fruits grown on the farm along with some of the regions best tree fruit grown along Lake Ontario.  In 2018 we added another option with the Thanksgiving Share. This share allows families to enjoy the farms harvest with there extended families through the holiday season. For the 2020 season we are introducing a Spring Share and Fall Share. These will extend your access to 10 additional weeks if you choose; 5 weeks in the spring and 5 weeks in late fall through almost Christmas. We believe there is a CSA for everyone and want to make sure this works for our members. Eating healthy, eating local, and knowing who your farmers are is important to building strong communities. Click on the links below for information on our shares. We appreciatte the oppurtunity to be your farmers in 2020 and beyond. 


20 Week Full Vegetable Share $725 (Runs End of June - Mid-November)

20 Week Half Vegetable Share $475 (Runs End of June - Mid-November)

*Add 20 Week Fruit Share $275 (End of June - Mid-November)

The separate Fruit Share Only option has been removed.  For details please click here.

**NEW** *Add 5 Week Spring Share (Runs Memorial Day Week - End of June)

**NEW** *Add 5 Week Fall Share (Runs Mid-November - Mid December)

Thanksgiving Share (One Time Pickup Tuesday OR Wednesday of Thanksgiving Week)