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Brussel Sprouts


Early October- Mid December

Preparing Tips:

Can be eaten raw. Slice them in half and include them in your vegetable trays with dip.

As a cooked vegetable, sprouts are good blanched, steamed, sauteed, roasted, or stir fried.

Cut an x in the base of each sprout before cooking so they will cook evenly.

Cook to tender crisp. Over-cooked sprouts lose their bright green color, become mushy and are strong flavored.

Storage Tips:

Whole stalks can be stored 4-6 weeks in a cold cellar. Storage after cutting from the stalk is not reccomended for more than 1-2 days because they soon develop a strong flavor.

Nutritional Info:

Contains bioflavonoids that help prevent cancer.

High levels of vitamin C and good levels of folate, vitamin A, iron, and potassium.


Remove coarse outer leaves. Wash. Sort into small, medium, and large sizes. Water blanch small sprouts for 3 minutes, medium 4 minutes, and large 5 minutes. Cool immediately in cold water; drain, package and freeze.